Amazon Turns to Social Apps to Battle Popular Competitors

Meta [will] gain better targeting and optimization by using information from Amazon and stores that offer Buy with Prime to show consumers ads.

This [will] result in better conversion rates as well, as customers can check out more quickly.

Plus, Meta will be able to tailor the ads messaging and product page based on whether or not the user is a Prime member, then adjust other information like real-time pricing or shipping estimates, as needed.

 – Techcrunch

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There’s also a deal with Snapchat that will let users purchase Amazon products directly through ads within the app.

Amazon clearly recognizes it needs to make its products more accessible outside its website. Integrating shopping ads into popular social media apps is probably the best option there is.

It’s not lost on many e-commerce analysts that this comes at a time when big competitors like Shien, Temu, and even TikTok are growing in share and attention.

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Advertisers Bet on TikTok Shops Despite Mixed Performance

TikTok is, indeed, positioning itself as an Amazon competitor, but it hasn’t been an easy path. Some industry media report that advertisers are seeing mixed results with TikTok Shop.

But AdWeek says despite the lukewarm results, advertisers are increasingly investing in TikTok’s commerce platform. 

Launched in the U.S. in September, TikTok Shop lets users purchase products directly within the app. While some brands, like cosmetics company BK Beauty, have seen a substantial increase in sales, others report only a minimal impact. Those often say the platform’s requirement for frequent content creation is a challenging investment with low returns.

TikTok shop is a direct click-to-buy system, so this is of course is a key attraction for brands, reducing the friction typically associated with redirecting users to external websites for transactions.

AdWeek has a great piece about this on their site, if you play in this space. It’s called Advertisers Are Investing in TikTok Shops Despite Mostly Tepid Results.

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TikTok’s Algorithm Floods Users With Ads: Report

  • A third of content on TikTok consists of various advertisements.

  • Users experience a blend of traditional and influencer-sponsored ads.

  • Ads are interest-customized, making them less noticeable to viewers.

Perhaps one other issue keeping TikTok from truly breaking out is the volume of ads.

Business Insider last week watched 1,000 TikTok videos back-to-back and found that about one-third of the content consisted of ads.

This included traditional advertisements, influencer-sponsored content, and affiliate links — the latter having increased significantly, now that content creators can act as affiliates for the new TikTok Shop platform.

Despite this high volume, the ads are so well integrated into the platform that they often go unnoticed by users. The platform’s algorithm tailors the ad experience to individual users, making the ads feel less intrusive and more relevant.

TikTok did not respond to a request for details on how frequently ads are supposed to appear on the site, but they did say ads should only make up a small portion of the content people see on their FYP.

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