Closing Techniques – 5 Superb NLP Closing Techniques to Close Sales Successfully

Any salesperson will tell you the same thing – the more and more diverse closing techniques you use the more likely you are to close the sale. If you use NLP techniques to close sales, your chances of success are even greater.

All you have to do is add the following NLP closing techniques to your arsenal to close more sales.

1) Show the prospect he will be one step further in front of the crowd/competition.

This one of the NLP closing techniques is similar to the well-known intelligent close. However, it goes one step further. You have to show the customer that by buying and using your product, the will “stand out in the crowd” and be one step ahead of everyone else.

The close is really simple. If you are selling a new piece of equipment to a manager you can readily say to him, “As a successful and innovative manager, you will definitely make the most out of this product that automatically allows you to get one step ahead of the competition.”

2) Use the traditional emotional close by asking a question.

This is another one of the NLP closing techniques that uses a traditional close plus a more effective twist. All you have to do is ask the prospect how he feels about the product.

Basically, instead of pacing and leading with a description sentences, you need to use a question with presupposition. This may sound complex, if you are not familiar with the NLP terms, but it is actually quite simple. Let me show you.

You simply have to ask your prospect, “How happy are you about using this product?” You are presupposing that the person is happy and he will give you a precise answer.

Then you simply have to tell the prospect, “Imagine how much happier you will be using this product every single day, after buying it.”

This one of the NLP closing techniques will work like magic because it has everything in it – presupposition, emotion elicitation and a quantitative phrase (using this product every day), which highlights the benefit further.

3) Use an intelligent close with getting agreement.

This is another version of the popular intelligent close. The beauty of this one of the NLP closing techniques is that the prospect customer will have no choice, but to say yes. Let me show you how it works.

All you have to say is, “As an intelligent/successful/smart person, you will agree with me that by buying this product you will solve your problem and get the benefits you want.”

The trick here is that the prospect will automatically agree with the first part of the sentence (that he is an intelligent and/or successful person), so he will have no choice, but to agree with the second part of the sentence as well.

4) Urge the prospect to buy using an obvious threat.

Indecisiveness is one of the biggest obstacles salespersons face. The person wants to buy the product, but he is still wondering whether he will get sufficient benefits. This is where this so called urgent close comes in.

It has some negativism in it, but you can readily use it, if all positive closing techniques you apply fail.

The pattern you need to use is, “Don’t wait to get/delay buying the product. Threat X isn’t waiting.”

I’ll illustrate the idea with an example. Let’s say you are selling diet pills. You can say to the prospect, “Don’t delay getting these pills and slimming down. Obesity isn’t waiting.”

If you are selling a business product you can say, “Don’t wait to get this business solution to boost productivity. Your competition isn’t waiting.”

5) Show your prospect a successful example to follow.

This one of the NLP closing technique is also simple and effective. What you are doing with it is showing your prospect that by buying your product they will get only real benefits that someone else already has. This is a foolproof strategy.

If you are in B2B sales and selling a business product, you can say, “Do what corporation X did. Get and use this product to boost your profit by 50%.” The prospect will automatically assume that he will get this incredible benefit, so he will automatically agree to buy.

Just remember that you have to use genuine facts, when taking advantage of this close.

Now you can use all of these NLP closing techniques effectively. Remember that the more you learn the better.

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