Creativity and Innovation – How to Make a Great Innovation

The reason I see so far is because I stand on the tall shoulders of those who came before me.

Sir Isaac Newton

I heard this sentence at a training seminar. The importance of it did not hit me until recently, while discussing the issue of innovation.

Innovation – this is usually the force behind every great fortune and success. It is how our minds react to what we see around us and how we interpret that reality.

Our focus is not fixed and it changes with time. We can change it using our own will and become more skilled and much more successful and happy in our relationships. It is a well-known fact. So how does the hunger for knowledge leverage the power of our innovations?

There are a few factors to it:

– our imagination feeds on what we have in our lives, as well as on the amount of emotions we put into what we do. The more you know about something and the more you love it, the more you see strength in the result of your actions. This is simply because you focus more on that particular topic and delete numerous others, and what you focus on expands.


-by knowing more on a particular subject you are more aware of what might be needed in the present, from the past, and how the future will look like

There is no reason to invent the wheel again. When you realize that your mind is constantly seeking new inventions and solutions to your known problems, you may be amazed by the simple fact that if you knew more or expanded your mind you would be starting off from a totally different moment.

You would be looking to resolve much more complicated problems and invent the solutions to bigger challenges. And it also means being more useful to our earth and our ecosystem and thus becoming richer.

From such a point, intuition and knowledge seem to be fundamental laws to real innovation. When you combine knowledge with intuition, you may be amazed by the result. What we get in the present is the result of what we had in the past, what we thought of and concentrated on back then. These issues create our emotions and emotions bring future results.

Innovation is, as said above, the reaction of our mind to the situation that we feel may be resolved in a better way. When you develop your mind, you also upgrade the level of problems you deal with.

This is also called expansion. It is often used to describe the process in which great fortunes are being created – by expanding into new areas, what in fact might be just the ability to encompass the problems of much greater complexity with your mind being ready for it. You see yourself…

Never stop exploring.

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