Database Marketing Strategies To Propel Your Business

Several proven database marketing strategies can propel your business to new levels of success. When a company is able to best target those individuals with purchasing power, they have a much higher likelihood of closing a sale. While your database for new leads may accurately reflect other businesses that you should be contacting to market your wares, you may not have the most effective contact information.

The first strategy to implement then is the fine-tuning of your contacts. If direct mail or other advertising information is only making it as far as the reception desk at any company, it is unlikely that your marketing dollars are well spent. Any database should be checked and rechecked to ensure that the outreach is made in the right direction. This will ensure that any physical advertisement or sample gets the proper consideration rather than winding up in the front office recycle bin.

You can do this by gathering your sales team and discussing the levels at which most customer purchasing decisions are made. Gaining access to comprehensive and active lists is your ideal goal, but you can make the most of what you have by using your existing workforce to work out the kinks. It is much easier to determine the correct contact if you have an understanding of the title or position that you will most likely be working with. This involves determining if the IT department or management will be your best entry. Once you have a working list of potential leads this can be used specifically for new outreach. Many effective tactics include offering incentives for referrals and repeat purchases.

Your second strategy is to place a strong focus on your existing customer base. The best marketing dollar that you will ever spend is the one that successfully produces customer retention. Your own customer database should often be the primary focus of your marketing efforts and available dollars. Not only will this encourage a more consistent level in your sales, it will increase your leads database when existing customers are provided with unsurpassable referral incentives.

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