Door Marketing – Pros and Cons

Door marketing or door-to-door marketing and selling as it is commonly known, is one of the best ways to promote your product in the local market. Door marketing can be in the form of door to door selling, leaflet distribution and door hanger marketing. In door to door selling, you may have to talk to prospect about your products and then sell them. But this method which was often considered to be intrusive by people has transformed for the better. Now door to door salesman show prospects how they can save money by buying products and services at great discounted prices. There is also leaflet distribution done where companies post information about subscriptions, discounts, offers, tickets and events at the doorstep of people. Door hanger distribution is hanging these leaflets by the door knob so that they can invite public attention.

Door marketing is used by many companies because it helps companies to attract local people better than any other form of advertising. Besides it is cheaper form of advertising compared to other methods, and the leads are generated easily. The response is immediate, which is easily companies that do door marketing are successful. Take the case of companies like Eureka Forbes and Aqua Guard. They are house-hold named and no company can rival their presence due to the fact that most households have been habituated to the door to door marketing of these two companies.

Door to door marketing now is more about door hanger distribution and distributing flyers rather than hardcore selling. This removes the pressure off the backs of these salesmen and companies still profit. However, though the response is immediate and in large quantities, companies who undertake door marketing should realize that this form of marketing evokes response on a short-term basis only. For instance, you cannot post the leaflet every now and then to people’s house. You can distribute a leaflet once and send another one after two months, so that you do not look intrusive.

There are hurdles when you get calls from certain people that you should not be soliciting in their area. You should apologize and say that you are just offering a service which helps people buy or avail of these services at a great discount. If they are adamant that you should not do these things, then you should move on to the next area. However, if you are not too intrusive and space your door marketing properly, you wouldn’t get these types of complaints. It is important to do enough research so that you are able to attract the interest of the people who will be actually interested in your products or services.

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