EAs Need HR Skills

How Does Human Resources Relate to an EA?

All EAs need to handle some Human Resources related tasks within their normal roles. Any Executive Assistant is likely to work for a boss who is managing several members of staff. Management of others will mean that you have to carry out the HR tasks for them. This means that your boss is likely to pass on the HR tasks to his Executive Assistant.

These are the main areas that you may encounter tasks related to HR:

Recruiting and Selection

EAs often have to handle the HR processes and documents for any direct hires for their bosses. You may also have to manage the approval process for managers who needs your boss’ go ahead for hiring. Here are the HR functions that may be included in the responsibility of the role:

– For direct hires, you may need to draw up an HR job role.

– For approvals from other managers, you need to check that they are correct and meet HR guidelines.

– Manage HR’s approvals and chase down missing items.

– Manage the process of your boss approving hires for others.

– Uphold HR policies, which means you must be fully

– Be capable of dealing with any other type of issues with Human Resources.

After a suitable employee has been selected, you have more HR work:

– This could be under a tight deadline, as you may need to manage the formalisation of the contract and offer and ensure it is sent out before a set date.

– Manage the background checking process liaising with the manager, HR and the employee. This can be slow process, so you will be in a very difficult position.

– You will need to arrange a start date that suits all parties.

– You could have the responsibility of organising the Human Resources Induction. This could encompass the signing of documents, briefing of Human Resources procedures and HR starter information. These items encompass all types of items from briefing on pensions to ordering IT access codes and finding a spare work desk.

The Leave Calendars

The maintenance of the holiday and other calendars can be quite a significant task. You will need to be in contact with all managers and staff, to ensure that you keep an accurate record. You also may have to enforce any HR policies with regard to holiday or sickness, which could be quite testing.

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