How Human Resource Scorecard Works – A KPI Case Study in HR

The performance of the human resources and how it is being managed are among the most important aspects that every business should be considered. An effectively supervised performance of the HR is an asset of the organization. This is because transparent report about how productive the employees are can be used by the company for its benefit. However, it is not easy to improve the competency of the human resources department in the company. To know effectively how the workers are performing their jobs, you can easily make use of the KPIs for HR. The KPIs or the key performance indicators are utilized in order to keep track of how well the department is doing. The data gathered from here can be useful when making the right decisions. If you will be checking the efficiency of your employees, you can use the human resource scorecard. To address the problem or the difficulty of understanding what this is, you can easily use the KPI case study in HR.

There are different types of the balanced scorecard for the human resources department. The first one is the scorecard for all the employees no matter what their division is. This HR BSC aims to measure and improve how the HR department performs. Another form is the hire BSC which as the name suggests controls the hiring of new applicants and also the status of the current employees. Other types include the training, the retirement, outsourcing, leadership and the motivation scorecard.

In the KPI case study in HR, you need to state the problem that you want to address. In this situation, the main issue is how to apply the balanced scorecard for the human resources department. As you know, the BSC contains the key performance indicators for the HR. There are four perspectives that you have to look into here which are the financials, the internal business processes, the customers and the learning and growth. All of these are connected to the vision and the strategy of your company.

Through your research on the HR indicators, you will learn that there is a huge difference between the application of the balanced scorecard in the private and the public sector. When we talk about the financial perspective in the private sector, the chief concern here is how to give value to the stakeholders. On the other hand, the public sector is focused upon the value of the tax payers and the society itself. Knowing the differences here encourages the users to modify the execution of the balanced scorecard. This is necessary because you need to know how you can apply the BSC whether you are in the public sector or in the private sector. This way, you will determine what should be your focus and what should be maximized.

Your KPIs for HR should be reliable, transparent and measurable. You will learn that there is a need to prepare the job description, the job specification and the performance standard. The KPI case study in HR will help you in measuring the jobs performed by your employees and also discover ways on how to improve their skills and knowledge about a particular area in the business.

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