How to Use Appointment Setting Sales Scripts in Your Conversations

Getting your foot in the door to offices is one of the most challenging parts of being in sales. You know in your heart that if they took just a few minutes to meet with you they would understand how you’re offering could be a great match for the business. The challenge is that they just won’t put you on the calendar!

It seems that every time you might get a meeting something comes up. They just aren’t ready with the budget. They aren’t looking to make any changes. They are “happy” with what they have currently. The number of excuses they throw your way can seem overwhelming. Sure you could use sales scripts that overcome objections, but that still might delay your meeting for weeks. You need to make your sales now.

How do you strike a balance between the customer’s needs, your goals, and getting in to their office this week? It comes down to how you are using appointment setting sales scripts. Far too often sales professionals, business owners, and consultants try to force their way in and get every decision maker possible in the room too quickly.

Getting to the decision maker(s) is important, but you won’t get to them when you don’t get in the office. A small secret to getting your foot in the door is using appointment setting scripts that pique interest. The more interest you pique the faster you will get in the door and the more the decision maker will want to come to you.

Consider the following interest piquing appointment setting script:

Would it be worth 17 minutes of your time to discover how you could save 37% on your monthly copying expenses?

The only prospect that would say no to that is simply not worth your time! When you ask questions that reveal how you could save them time and money now you have started with a benefit to them. Even more so, you aren’t asking for an hour, you are asking for a small amount of time (hint: no one blocks off 17 minutes in their calendar so you will easily get a half an hour or more).

By asking interest piquing questions you will transform your traditional appointment setting scripts into moments where your prospect will quickly look to their calendar to see where they can fit you in. The more questions you ask, the more appointments you will be setting.

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