Human Resource Management – An Integral Part of Human Resource Development

A wide variety of activities are included in human resource management. Key factors among them are to decide the staffing that is required for smoothly running the enterprise. Entrepreneurs can use independent contractors to hire the employees or recruit such employees directly on their own efforts.

Besides recruitment and finding the best talents, another aspect of the HRM is appropriate training. Quality training can render even the insipid people skillful and they can turn out to be assets for the enterprise. At the same time training the best employees will ensure very high performance level.

Entrepreneurs and employers have to deal with the performance issues. Ensuring such personnel and management practices would conform to various regulations. Management of approach to employee’s benefits as well compensation paid to them is a vital aspect of human resource management process.

While small enterprises have to carry out these tasks on their own, larger enterprises usually have full fledged HRM wings to deal with such issues. Thus the options before an entrepreneur are to either obtain full time experts services or do it themselves recruiting specialists as their employees.

An important aspect of H R management is also formulation of effective human resource management policy. Such policies will not only encompass necessary rules and regulations but also various other aspects like the welfare of the employees. Very often the code of conduct and benefits provided are supplied to employees in form of employee’s manuals.

It is also expedient understanding the basic differences between the human resource development and its management. Resource development is basically a profession. Resource management is often the integral part of such development process. A range of activities are taken up by enterprises to develop personnel in the organization. Such activities include career development, training, and organizational development.

Major conceptual changes have taken place in the field of HRM and HRD during the past two three decades. In the past HRM involved management of paper works for recruitment and engagement of personnel. Today the respective human resources departments not only look after recruitment but many others. These other aspects include staffing, training as well as helping personnel management.

Objective of the entire process is to achieve skill and competence development of the employees in the organization so as to derive benefit for the enterprise in the highly competitive commercial world.

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