Human Resources Defined

If you do not know what human resources (HR) means then you are probably not alone. It has a long and venerable history and actually came about thanks to academics writing about the economy and politics. How did that happen? Production involves labour, and labour over time became known as the human resources of the company. This simply meant the resources were differentiated into capital, natural and human. Of course today this means something entirely different, and refers to a designated function/department of an organization. It is not complicated to get an understanding of what is involved in human resources.

Generally speaking, some of the myriad of tasks human resource people handle covers everything from recruiting new employees to drafting up job descriptions. Yes, they are also responsible for letting people go, but staffing issues are not the only things they deal with. The major function of human resource staff is to make sure the company has the right mix of personnel. To do that they must have in-depth knowledge of corporate goals and extrapolate from that what abilities will be needed to achieve success. Growing a company means not only finding the right staff, but also setting out the critical functions they need to fill for the corporation.

New personnel recruitment aside, human resource managers need to keep the skills of existing and new employees sharp and up-to-date. Education is the key to continued success not only for the company, but the employees. Employees in the loop tend to be more loyal to the corporation and when offered training. Evaluations tend to also be a critical task for human resource managers. For instance, which employees are ready for a promotion, who need training and upgrading and which are due for raises. Of course the human resources personnel work closely with company managers to help them assess their workers.

Most of the tasks the HR people work on daily usually wind up in the employees confidential employment jacket. The file covers everything over the work life of the employee from date of hire to present. It will detail all the milestones of each worker. It is an extremely complete file and keeping it current that is critical to the success of the company.

Human resource management is an area that continues to grow and develop as each new innovation in the workplace is introduced. Every change impacts each employee from the president on down. Often the company managers do not have the time to deal with HR issues as it takes away from managing the company. HR encompasses a wide range of specialized functions, and many companies find that too overwhelming to deal with this themselves. It is becoming more and more common to outsource human resources management, leaving the CEO and other managers to get on with the business of doing business.

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