During an interview I was once asked: “If you were to die tomorrow, would you have any regrets Mr. Siluk?” And I answered, “Only one sir.” And he asked “…yes, and what would that be?” And I answered, “If only the world could have be bigger.” [A remembrance.] D.L. Siluk woking taxi service

Advance: Under the best of circumstances, you always think things will turn out right, somewhere further down the road that is. I suppose it is just a natural thing; I mean we can’t live on negativism, now can we. But change the environment a little, especially cultural environments, in my case go to where your mates surroundings are [Japan] and see what changes what, things are not always the same way then; the answer my rest in: can you adjust or can she, and there is always a they involved someplace. In my case Kikue could adjust in the United States, and with my friends and family, but I’m getting ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning, somewhat.

My lady friend met me in Istanbul, Turkey, and we wrote letters for two years, then we met in person when she visited me in the United States for another two years–off and on (for a week first, then two weeks, then three weeks), and then I went to Japan, her turf, and things changed. Thus, the relationship went on this way for, four years. In-between I learned how to write Japanese in all its three styles, quite well: an achievement in itself.

Kikue: she is Japanese, a small woman, with short black hair, fair looking, sincere, and she became a Christian Buddhist, from a Buddha Buddhist, during our dating period. So we both achieved something out of this relationship, if not wisdom and some good times, along with a wobbly friendship.

I suppose if we all could see down the road of life, we’d not venture down it perhaps: maybe it is a bigger gift from God than we give Him credit for. This story I’m about to tell you has a few life lessons in it for me. On one hand, it was nice relationship between us, on the other, thank God I had enough insight to step away from it when I saw, felt instinctively I had to; consequently, I acted on my instincts; a harsh decision but it was turning into a harsh relationship. I firmly believe we are given certain natural traits, mental, neurological, and instinctive, whatever they are, they tell you which way to move; I also believe you should trust them.

In this story you are about to read, you are going to get the end in the beginning because to me, it is only the six days in Japan that count in this ongoing, four year relationship, and the last day in Tokyo, that made the difference; I mean that really matters in the long run. Had I not made the decision I did make, I did on the last day, I’d not be writing this story, as it is here; it might have had to be named different, and I’d have had to add a lot more adjectives to the story. Nobody is to blame for this, not me, not the other person involved. I’m sure she’s better off, for the ending that occurred.