Postcard Design Secrets: Typography

Business owners should know that postcard marketing by itself is not enough to guarantee increased sales. When engaging in a direct mail marketing campaign, the design or layout of the material is an important aspect of the strategy. A professional marketing consultant or a graphic designer is the best person to execute an effective mailer design. They are knowledgeable in choosing the right design elements to achieve the desired effect or response from the recipients who receive these postcards.

Graphic design covers a lot of aspects. Visually, colors are important to consider in direct mail marketing. They should be attractive and attention grabbing. Moreover, the chosen colors should all be in harmony and pleasing to the eye. Mailers would almost always feature a large or striking photograph or illustration to further drive the message across. The photo may be of a person the target market can relate to, or the photo may simply be of the product or service being offered.

The design would also need to contain copy or words to communicate the message in written form. A headline is usually the most prominent copy in the layout. The rest of the copy should tell more about the product or service, and most importantly the contact information where customers can avail of the product. Businesses these days should always advertise their phone number, e-mail address, and website.

Visually, the copy should also be designed in a way that is appealing and memorable. Typography is the way that the words are presented or laid out. The most basic presentation of copy is in the typeface chosen. In common parlance, this is called the font, similar to what computer users choose in a word processing program. Certain typefaces or fonts evoke certain emotions or responses from viewers as well.

For instance, for companies selling toys to children, an ideal typeface would be one that is fun looking as well. Visually, this would mean fonts that have curlicues or rounded edges, or handwriting that looks like those found in comic strips. More expensive items such as jewelry or watches would benefit from typefaces that are elegant, such as Victorian handwriting or formal script. Those in the business of money lending, credit, or banking should use typefaces that communicate trustworthiness. Bold, substantial block letters are able to convey these characteristics. It also matters that mailers intended for the elderly be printed with bigger font sizes.

Whatever the line of business an entrepreneur is in, there is just the right postcard design that suits his product or service best, and choosing the right typeface is one of the steps in achieving such effective and memorable design.

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