Postcard Design Secrets: Using Coupons

The most common postcard marketing campaigns for small businesses involve simple, uncomplicated designs. It would usually be composed of a nice, attention-grabbing headline, a relevant and engaging photo, and lines of other copy including of course the contact information of the business or shop such as phone number, e-mail address, and website.

A lot of postcards already follow this canned design, so why not explore a different approach or strategy to gain more attention, and to rise above the clutter of mail that homeowners receive each day? A different strategy would not only mean changing the layout or look of a postcard in terms of colors, photos, or copy. More engaging direct mail material can be created by coming up with unique content-by including special offers, discounts, rebates, or freebies in the form of coupons.

Yes, coupons are not just found in newspapers anymore. In recent years, as coupon fanatics would attest, bargains and savings have been developed in the form of electronic printout coupons based on the Internet. In even more recent times, there are now coupons that can be received and used right on people’s cellphones. Admittedly, these types of coupons took quite some time for consumers to warm up to, but once they did, these coupons received the same amount of fervor and patronage that die-hard coupon hunters have been giving to newspaper coupons. So why not distribute coupons through cards? This is a really great, cost-efficient idea for small-business owners.

In terms of postcard design, a coupon element would most suitably be placed at the backside. The front is where the headline, photos, and other salient copy are usually placed. The coupon need not be cut out for redemption. The recipient would simply need to bring whole postcard itself to the store, or to enter the indicated code for online shopping.

Adding the element of a coupon in a postcard is a clever and effective way to increase the chances of the recipients to hold on to or keep the card, rather than discard it immediately. They might tack in onto their refrigerator door or kitchen cupboard. This way, a business’ product, service, and contact information remain top-of-mind for days and weeks. This would increase the chances of the recipient responding to the call to action indicated on the postcard.

The key in creating engaging and effective postcard marketing is to include a very compelling proposition in the form of a coupon, to show consumers that the product or service being offered will meet their need.

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