Sales Closing Techniques – 10 Ways to Avoid Manipulation That Will Save You Tons of Money!

In today’s world there is a constant war brewing not only in the battlefields but also within our individual psyche. Salesman use it with sales closing techniques. Its main weapon is manipulation and it is used with great accuracy. People can use it in many forms to destroy both your image. Using these ten ways to overcome it will give you the tools to fight back when someone begins to attack you using sales closing techniques.

Manipulation trick 1: Blackmailing

This is one of the most common and effective methods of manipulation. It is so successful because most people feel as if they are helpless against it. Develop strong self esteem and avoid being drawn into that trap.

Manipulation trick 2: Using the negatives

No matter what is said or done, someone will focus on the negatives and try to bring you down and hinder your progress. Ignore their comments and keep moving despite their reactions. It’s one of the most common sales closing techniques.

Manipulation trick 3: The dreaded Teen Rebellion Mentality

This is an unfortunate problem for people of all ages. When something doesn’t go their way they begin to act out to try and keep you as they want and prevent progress. Continue as you are planning despite their actions.

Manipulation trick 4: The Insult Disguised as a Joke

These sales closing techniques are very common. Here’s one: Sometimes people use the commonly accepted joking as a means to deliver their malicious words. They can often say things that destroy self esteem and make you to doubt yourself. This should be ignored and taken as a grain of salt.

Manipulation trick 5: The “count your blessings” routine

Many times people will tell you to count your blessings that you ave what you do. While this is true and good advice, it does not mean to remain as you are, growth is healthy and should be continued.

Manipulation trick 6: Apathy

Some people are malicious and there are some which really don’t care what you do. They are emotionally dead and will try to bring you to the same level as themselves.

Manipulation trick 7: Keep going

To avoid manipulative sales closing techniques, no matter what is said or what tricks are played, just keep moving. Ignore what they are doing as it will only bring them more misery in the end and have no effect on you later on. Avoid these sales closing techniques like a plague.

Manipulation trick 8: Guessing Games

This is one that many men are victims of. They get you to guessing what you did where you begin to admit other faults providing more fuel for their fire. Don’t give in and allow them to tire down where they either forget or get over it.

Manipulation trick 9: The third party weapon.

One weapon they may use in destruction of your resistance is one of sales closing techniques that’s very common. What it is, is talking negatively to a third party within earshot. Either ignore it or address it to where it turns the tables back on them.

Manipulation trick 10: Kindness

This is one of the most damning sales closing techniques. They use a random act of kindness to deliver the attack. This ends up being like a stake driven into the heart. Don’t fall for it and just accept the kindness while allowing the fact that their plan failed to be visible. This will burn their butt more than anything.

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