Telemarketing For Beginners

Telemarketing is a direct marketing strategy to help network sales associates and potential clients, your business with other businesses, etc. Though this kind of marketing faces some resistance, there are methods to establish and maintain clients by use of telemarketing. Furthermore, you do not want consumers seeking your product or service from another business, so you will need to be memorable. Whether your telemarketing is for outbound calls, inbound calls, lead generation, or typical sales, here are a few ways to employ marketing methods to meet your telemarketing needs.

Be involved with your customer by taking note on how they answer their calls. If they answer the phone by giving out their first or last name, address them as they introduced themselves, so you don’t come off as if you are reading their name off of a list.

Acknowledge the name they give, whether first or last, and you’ll start out on a more positive note. However, people don’t always answer the phone with their name. In this situation, address them by their first and last name – first name only is too personal, and their full name ensures you sound professional.

Be memorable in a positive way. Many telemarketing sales are not made from the first call. Make sure to give out a return or callback number, including area code; if the phone number spells something out, repeat the number twice, once numerically, the other using that word as a memory trigger device. Also, don’t pressure the customer to buy soon by special prices and pitching your sale strongly, but rather ask them what you can do for them to buy from you when they’re ready, this will ensure that your customer will have time to make the right decision. Understand what your customer expects, and if your product or service meets their needs, follow through to deliver customer satisfaction. If not, it is better to refer them elsewhere, rather than have an upset customer and costly return or complaint later. Letting them know the truth will make the client happy and give you credibility; they may refer you in the future.

Try these ideas for negotiating and establishing a relationship with who you’re trying to appeal to, regardless of whether it’s a business or individual. For example, negotiation doesn’t have to be a painful process; ask questions which you already know the answer to – people are more likely to share their situation and needs with salespeople who take a personal interest. Take this opportunity to identify shortcomings in their plans and supplement it with how your product or service can help. In addition, reinforce their idea to buy your product or service by telling them how happy it will make them, and give them an image or hypothetical situation that allows you to demonstrate that.

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