The 5 B’s For Successful Social Network Marketing

Social Network marketing can be tricky for some. You have to lose the old mentality of the car salesman and focus on simply being social. It’s a great opportunity and awesome exposure to thousands, possible millions, worldwide  but how you approach it will determine massive success or utter failure. If you have tried and failed, don’t give up, you simply need to re-plan your marketing strategy. Following these 5 simple rules will help you achieve the success you desire when marketing on Social Networks.

1. Be Conversational. No body wants to sold to 24/7. In fact, on the social networking realm, that will likely get you blackballed. Social networking is about building relationships and communities, so you need to converse with your followers. Start & join in conversations, and add something of value to your communities.

2. Be Accessible. Again, it’s about relationships. Programs like TweetLater do help you keep your tweets going, but don’t ever go completely on auto-pilot.  Check your replies & Messages. Respond. Interact. Be sure your community knows you are there to help them.

3. Be Friendly. This ties in the first two Rules. Don’t make it all about making the sale, make friends. Offer a helping hand. Point people in the right direction. Offer advice for free. Become the go-to person in your group.

4. Be Honest. This is important for any relationship. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Being dishonest will just get yo into a heap of trouble! Tell it like it is!

5. Be Yourself. Don’t be somebody different just to target a specific group of people. Let people come to you and like you because of you. Tell it like it is. You will be respected for it and will earn much loyalty from your followers. Remember there’s no one uniquer than YOU!

Using these 5 Be rules will help your social networking campaign be a success.

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