Top Accounting School Rankings

When thinking about starting school for accounting, you want to research which schools there are along with the accounting school rankings. You would not want to attend a school that is not set up totally to full fill your needs.

There are so many colleges and universities that say they offer the best traditional, long distance, or online education but it is better to research for your self how they stand in the accounting school rankings.

There are several entities that rank schools and among them are BUSINESS WEEK, US NEWS, WORLD REPORT and NEWSWEEK. These companies research through all the business schools on their curriculum, graduation rate, academic resources, student activity, faculty resources, grade output, university connections, and on the financial status of the school.

Its important to know everything you can about the accounting school. Rankings will help you to make a good decision on what school is going to help you get your career started.

According to BUSINESS WEEK, the top 30 accounting school rankings from one to 30 are U. of Chicago, U of Penn., Northwestern U., Harvard U., U. of Michigan, Stanford U., MIT, UC Berkeley, Duke U., Columbia U., Dartmouth, UCLA, Cornell U., NYU, U. of Virginia, Carnegie Mellon, UNC., Indiana U., Yale U., Texas U., U. of Southern California, Georgetown U., Emory U., Purdue U., U. of Maryland, U. of Notre Dame, Washington U., Rochester, Michigan State U., and Vanderbilt U..

The other main companies accounting school rankings basically go the same route as business week. When you do your research on colleges, you should also check with the state’s Better Business Bureau. Especially when you are dealing with all the online schools. A website named OEDB which is OnLine Education Data Base has compiled an accounting school rankings system for online education.

Online education is growing but has not yet received the respect as have the in house colleges. These online accounting school rankings were started in 2007 and they have helped shed light to prospective students. Their online accounting school rankings were based on acceptance rate, financial aid, graduation rate, years accredited, student-faculty ratio, scholarly citations, retention rate, and peer web citations.

According to the accounting school rankings, the top 10 online schools listed from one to ten are Upper Iowas U., LeTourneau U., Liberty U., Nova Southeastern U., California U. of Pennsylvania, Grand Canyon U., Regent U., Champlain College, Westwood College, and Tiffin University. Source: Accraccountingdegree dot com

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